Lomo Diana Pics

After months of trying and a one or two botched attempts resulting in overexposing my film [still a touchy subject], I have a few successful shots from my Diana camera – woo hooo!

I’ve only managed to get a few on disc so far, but here’s a peek x

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A breath of fresh air

I managed to escape London a couple of weekends ago and found comfort food, long Windsor walks and fresh air awaited me when I went to see my parents at home. It really made me wonder why I didn’t leave the big smoke more often….oh yeah I remember, I’m a postgrad now and free time is something of a disappearing truth slipping into mythical realms.

Beautiful autumnal view from the top of the long walk in Windsor

Deer that other passers by were marvelling at, and I managed to scare away

Definitely not me by the way

The “Copper Horse” statue at the top of the long walk. Very long indeed. But the reward is the view, with a clear view all the way to the Gherkin.

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Burlesque at the Bathhouse

Having never been to a burlesque show, in the 1950’s/ Mad Men/ cabaret bracket no less, I was keen to see what I would find when I ventured to the Boom Boom Club, held at The Bathhouse for a friend’s birthday.

Hosted by the brilliantly bitchy Dusty Limits [who bore more than a passing, and I’m sure deliberate, resemblence to Patrick Wolf] we were promised a night of twisted caberet entertainment to feast on, as well as our delicious dinner of duck.

And it did not disappoint.

On came the burlesque acts, Miss Miranda and Vicki Butterfly. Dressed in a classy, elegant and of course, provocative, sparkly underwear number, complete with ribbons and diamonte nipple covers, Miss Miranda sacheted around the stage, with only beautiful duck egg feathers to cover her modesty. Then came Vicki Butterfly’s 1920’s and chinese inspired fireworks, flames and fringing, which left all six of us initially doubtful girls unashamedly impressed. And I’m sure it wasn’t just the wine.


Other acts that followed were equally as impressive. Magic double act, Barry and Stu entertainment started with dark, indivudual and clever humour and ended with a gory performance that left me disgusted, but kind of pining for more.  And Kaiki Hula, the only person I’ve ever seen swinging up to six hula hoops around her, and still managing to look sexy.

I would post pictures of these too, but if you thought the beauties on here already were bad quality photos, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

A great night that I would recommend to all – a well executed evening of fine dining escalated into a semi debauched, unpretentious yet classy evening, filled with a mix of bankers and hipsters, that will end with you [drunkenly] strutting your stuff on the dancefloor to 50’s tunes.

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Kanye – Runaway???

Could this man get any more self indulgent?! As much as I like Kanye for his entertainment value , I sincerely don’t think he is as clever as he thinks he is…Good thing the girl (Selina Ebanks, former Victoria Secret model) is HOT and her feathers are beautiful.

And Bon Iver – really?!?! REALLY?!

If you have the patience….. (yes, that does say 34 minutes)

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And so it begins…

So after much reluctance, months of umm-ing and ah-ing and battling with my beliefs about the perils of virtual existence I have caved and started a blog. Yes yes I know, this isn’t a sudden overthrow of my thoughts that the internet has potentially turned us all into a bunch of nosey, voyeristic, outspoken stalkers who share far too much for our own good, it’s because I have to.

As they say in journalism, you don’t exist if you’re not on Twitter and don’t have a blog. Enrolling in City University to take on the masters in magazine journalism without an internet version of me more connected and clued in than my actual self  is apparently cardinal sin. Since when did talking face to face, by email or even phone to phone become so old fashioned? I felt out of the loop. And quite frankly, damn old. I kept on being told I was part of the ‘new era of digital natives’, but I sure as hell didn’t feel like it. At 25, I knew I wasn’t the spring chicken of the bunch, but once upon a time I used to be the tech savvy one out of my friends – when did I get left behind?!  Apparently it was  in the early 2000’s when MSN Messenger was cutting edge and Facebook had just been invented.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not as bad as I sound. I can get my head around technical things, I’m surgically attached to my BlackBerry – although it took me an age to part with my old school Samsung – and am known as the ‘handy man’ by my flatmates. But I also still marvel at how amazing Skype is and am completely intimidated by the iPhone and how much it’s infinite apps freak me out. I’ve realised it just takes me a while to get my head around the idea of  new technology, especially this form of instant and intimate communication.

If used properly and not just to tweet about when you last went to the loo or how depressed you are after your latest argument with your boyfriend, social networking and a virtual you can be an invaluable tool. As we have been told time and time again in the past few weeks, building a career is  ‘all about networking’ and getting yourself out there. And this new pseudo-self is the only way to go about it. Now is just the time to get over myself, get my head around how it works and get on with it.

All that being said…I hope to see you soon.


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